5 May 2021
Brand Day China
19 May 2021

2022 will be the year of the 24th edition of the Winter Olympics which will take place in the great Beijing, China.

The Winter Games

If in 2008 China was a surprise (at least for those who thought that the Chinese still went around by bicycle, dressed all the same holding the "red book" of Mao), it won't be the same in 2022.

Beijing 2022

In recent years, China has become a superpower at the political, technological, military and above all economic levels, perfectly capable of rivaling the other giant, the United States of America.


The economic investment for Beijing 2008 was around 2 billion dollars.


For 2022, the American television network CNBC foresees a double budget, 3.9 billion dollars and attention, I remind you that this is a winter Olympics, an event of less significant size than the summer ones.

High-speed connections were built between the three host locations: the capital Beijing and the two mountain resorts of Yanqing and Zhangjakou.

Winter Olympics 2022 China

The buildings that hosted the Beijing 2008 Olympics will be used in Beijing, adapting them to the needs of winter sports. The "bird's nest" will host the opening and closing ceremonies; in addition, new buildings have been built such as the stunning "Big Air Shougang", an impressive snowboard complex within a former industrial site.


But we are interested in another topic.

Winter games

The winter games will be a huge driving force to bring the Chinese people closer to winter sports and this could be an immense source of business because we are talking about a market that is still in a virgin state!


The sale of technical clothing, accessories or tools, for example, will peak by more than 34% compared to the past year.


Ther's more

When the pandemic is over, the Chinese will begin to travel again and Italy will be among the favorite destinations as always.

They will return to visit cities such as Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice etc...

Normally the periods of greatest tourist movement by the Chinese are the hottest ones.

Why do the Chinese tend to go on holiday in the warmer months?


Winter tourism, unlike summer tourism, is still conceived by a small percentage of Chinese out of the entire population.

Up to now, there are very few Orientals who had reason to move in the winter months to reach tourist destinations such as Cortina d’Ampezzo or Sestriere.

They probably weren't even aware that Italy was home to such beautiful and renowned ski resorts!

Winter Olympics 2026

But after the Olympics something could change; some Chinese might be interested, for example, in alpine skiing (and “some” in China could mean a few million), and maybe they might think of celebrating the spring festival in February on the slopes, perhaps in Europe. Let's not forget that in 2026 the Winter Olympics will take place in Italy.

Now it remains for us to understand, what will be the means by which they will search for the next winter destinations.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you already have the answer...



Luigi Pelissero