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16 March 2021
How does Weibo work
30 March 2021

Wechat is a Chinese social media app, very famous in China for its infinite functions. The app start exploring the Western world, offering really interesting features.

How does internet work in China?

If you are in the US or Europe, you've probably never used any Chinese apps, but reality makes it clear that if you want to understand how the Internet of the future will develop, you need to take a look at how the Internet is developing in China.

We all know that the internet is the internet, but when we talk about China, we refer to an Intranet controlled largely by a system of filters and blocks, called the Great Firewall.

This system was born with the intention of blocking any file, content that the Communist Party believes it cannot control. In few words, it means that Facebook, Google, Twitter DO NOT exist.

Social media China

Social media China

No fear, the Chinese have been able to fill this great nees with a generation of imitators that we know today with the name of Baidu for Google, Youku for Youtube and Weibo for Twitter. Over the years we have witnessed a great growth of these apps, to scare even the big western apps, in particular one app above all has begun to appeal to our established social networks as well. We are talking about WeChat!

What is Wechat?

We can compare it to a super app that, like a digital Swiss army knife, represents our Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Uber, Amazon, Instagram, Venmo and much more.

For instance, by using Wechat we can book medical visits, meet a soul mate, give alms, but the thing that makes this Super app unique is related to the fact that you can do all this without NEVER leave the app itself.

The super app that is tempting Facebook



To better understand, let's imagine we are sitting at home and realize that the dog is very dirty, so we open Wechat, book a dog care service and an hour later an employee arrives ready to wash your dog. So, in the meantime, you take a picture and share it with your friends, #dogcare, and still you are still inside the app. Your friend who notices the photo and the hashtag gets curious and contacts the cleaning service for his dog as well.

In the meantime, the cleaning has been completed, you pay, obviously using WeChat, still in the app. You keep chatting with your friend who shares you a cool place to have dinner, click, book a table, same story. You get up, get off and again, Wechat, book a taxi, you get in, Wechat pay and you are in front of the restaurant. You check the location of your friends from the app, go inside and soon choose the most delicious dishes, once again using Wechat. Ready food, photos, #nicefood, Wechat pay.

After this brief description, it will perhaps be a little clearer to you what Wechat could mean in China.

A unique app that has altered the concept of virality, within a network of over 1.250 billion people.

What's behind this huge platform?


Who you are, what you do, how you do it, when, where and why. It probably knows you more than you know yourself. This infinite amount of data can be gold for companies that intend to reach a target as specific as possible.

WeChat payment

WeChat payment

Not only that, but such a powerful tool was of vital importance to the Chinese government as it came to contain the pandemic.

From a great power comes a great responsibility, a very pertinent sentence especially in a case like this. Concentrating such a large amount of information in the hands of a few can, at the same time, put the identity and personality of over a billion people at great risk.

How is Wechat usefull for western companies?

WeChat for companies

WeChat for companies

At the moment we can take and exploit what has been given to us. It means that so many companies can adapt the communication for a new target, hungry of new western products and above all, in love with digital.

At the end, what Long Advisory suggests is "Carpe Diem", seize the day and take advantage of the opportunities that can be a lifeline when the ship that has always guid you, start sinking.



Matteo Buchta