27 November 2020
27 November 2020

A statement by the director of the Spallanzani Institute in Rome regarding the beginning of the experimentation on humans of the new Italian vaccine, impressed me a lot.

He states that there is the need for an Italian vaccine in order not to be "slaves" by other countries.

It made me thing that, except for the health implications, this vaccine race reminds me a little of the one towards space that was led in the 60s between the USA and the USSR.

Reaching space first would have been an incredible victory in propaganda terms. Actually the Soviets won the first battle after sending a man into orbit, however with the Americans won the war once they reach the moon first.

Today the scenario is different and a third protagonist has joined the players on the field: China.

Going more specifically, we can say that Trump would need a "victory" to remedy the failures of the terrible test of incompetence and superficiality in the management of the epidemic.

Andando più nello specifico possiamo dire che a Trump servirebbe una “vittoria”,  per rimediare ai guasti della terribile prova di incompetenza e superficialità nella gestione dell’epidemia.

For him, it would be a double victory because not only could he shout American superiority from the rooftops, but would even do it to the detriment of China itself that continues to cause him so much troubles.

The recent news that one of his most important collaborators Kellyanne Conway has resigned "to avoid family tragedies", since, in addition to her husband, her daughter is also a fierce opponent of the President throwing her arrows, guess where?

From the hated TIK TOK of course!



If instead, the Chinese were to arrive, they could take advantage of the opportunity to "be forgiven", but at the same time, perhaps donating it for free of charge to the poorest countries, strengthening, even more, the substantial ties already with some of them, especially those in Africa.

Se fossero invece i cinesi ad arrivare potrebbero approfittare dell’occasione per “farsi perdonare”, ma al tempo stesso, magari elargendolo in forma gratuita ai paesi più poveri, rafforzando ancora di più i già consistenti legami con alcuni di essi, specialmente quelli africani.


What about Russians?

In their haste to announce the vaccine already nice and ready, I personally see:

“Hey “Remember that we are there too!”

Anyway, at the moment this battle is being fought in the laboratories and in the political classrooms, however in the end it will be again the public opinion so the internet and above all the social networks will state the real winner.

Luigi Pelissero