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12 October 2021
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27 October 2021

LinkedIn is closing its social networking site in China, marking the departure of the last major US social media company from the country.



Microsoft announced Thursday it will shut down its local version of LinkedIn in China as the country continues to expand its censorship of the internet.

LinkedIn was the last major U.S. social network still operating in China, which has some of the strictest censorship rules. Social media platforms and websites like Twitter and Facebook have been blocked for more than a decade in the country, while Google decided to shutter operations in 2010.

Microsoft said it would shut down LinkedIn due to a “significantly more challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements in China.” Instead, Microsoft will launch a job search site in China that doesn’t have LinkedIn’s social media features.

Why did Linkedin leave China?

Linkedin leaves China

LinkedIn launched in China in 2014 with limited features designed to adhere to stricter internet laws in the country. The new site, called InJobs, will not include a social feed or allow users to share posts or articles.

The company cited a “more challenging operating environment” and “increased compliance requirements” among the reasons.

From 2014, Linkedin had remained the only major Western social network allowed to operate in the country. China has previously banned numerous other Western social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, which remain inaccessible to the Chinese public.

“While we’ve found success in helping Chinese members find jobs and economic opportunity, we have not found that same level of success in the more social aspects of sharing and staying informed,” LinkedIn said.

“We’re also facing a significantly more challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements in China.”

According to Axios, last month LinkedIn had blocked from its Chinese platform the profiles of several U.S. journalists and academics which contained information China considers sensitive, citing “prohibited content”.

Injobs the new Linkedin in China
Injobs the new linkedin in China

Injobs the new linkedin in China

Lu, a public relations professional who gave only his surname as he wasn’t authorized to speak with the media, said he hasn’t decided whether to use the upcoming InJobs.

Lu said that he focuses on updates from corporate clients and peers, and that shared stories just get in the way. “Any ‘like’ or ‘comment’ takes up space in a feed, which does not result in a good user experience,” he said.

He's willing to try the new app. “If can fulfill my needs of finding and recruiting people, despite not having a news feed, why wouldn’t I use it?”

Digital Marketing in China

As the last western social media left the Chinese market, the only way to continue to promote your brand is by using Chinese social media.

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In China there is a quote that states: “If you are not in, you are out”.

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