27 November 2020
27 November 2020

Somebody thinks that the COVID19 pandemic has slowed down the globalization process.

Big mistake

Big mistake because if it is true that we travel less, that there are no fairs and exhibitions, it is also true that we are much, much more connected and this is demonstrated by the fact that never as before the large IT multinationals did so well.

One of the globalizing processes that most affect China is undoubtedly football.

In China there is not (not yet), a culture of football nor the immoderate passion we live here, but there is no doubt that football is growing and with it, all the business that revolves around it.

In fact, we know how many footballers and coaches have the "middle country", and how more and more wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs are always buying European teams.

It could be objected that this type of "exodus" has already been seen in the 70s and 80s towards the United States (where football never really took root), and subsequently towards the Arab Emirates.

So football in China as an ephemeral and passing fashion?


For two main reasons

  1. The first is that a lot of money also goes around football in China.

  2. The second is that football in China is not developing a very specific plan (is there anything random in China?).

It should be known that in 2015 the leaders of the Chinese Football Association and the GAS (General Sports Administration), drafted a document with all the strategic lines to follow in order to develop football in China and to lead the Chinese national team to win the World Cup. by 2050!

As always happens with words, facts followed one another (even if growth seems to be lower than expectations), new stadiums, new football schools (Juventus has also opened a Shanghai one), a lot of investments.

Half of the highest paid players in the world in 2017 play for Chinese teams.

Except for being passionate about football or not, what should all this lead us to think?

There are two main things:

  1. In China every activity is directly or indirectly managed and / or controlled by the party and this must absolutely be taken into consideration (Do you remember Dolce and Gabbana?)

  2. In China activities develop over the long term, perhaps slowly but surely, we must not be in a hurry. We must plant the seed of the business, water it, take care of it and wait for it to grow.

Luigi Pelissero