1How to do business in China?

China is an extremely competitive market that favors and rewards only Brands that invest and accept its dynamics; it is essential to adapt one's working methods to the specifications of the Chinese consumer

  • sector information collection and in-depth analysis
  • study and structuring of a strategy with local partners
  • implementation of the strategy with local partners
  • analysis of the results
  • results

2Is it enough to translate your website into Chinese to make it usable in China?
No, Chinese search engines are different from ours and therefore not indexable, furthermore the loading speed would be very slow.

To address and make your website accessible, you must have a Chinese domain and server, in this way the Chinese user can get in touch with your translated website.
3How to open a business account on Chinese social media?
  • Find the most suitable platform for your Brand and content.
  • Register your account on the reference platform
  • Send a series of documents to certify the truthfulness of the Brand / company.
  • Wait for the approval of the documentation by the platform.
  • Once approved, pay an annual fee to the reference platform
  • You are online.
4Why does your brand need to be present in the Chinese digital landscape?
On average in China, a person spends 6.4 hours in front of a smartphone. The Chinese consumer's buying process is closely related to searching for product information on Chinese social media and search engines.
If a prospect fails to verify if you are true online, it will be difficult to win her trust.
5What is Wechat?
Wechat is the most used social platform by the Chinese. It is an all-in-one app through which you can do a multitude of operations starting with booking a hotel, ordering food, doing research, having fun, working but above all making payments via the Wechat pay function.
6What is Weibo?
Micro blogging app often compared to Twitter / Facebok (but with many more features), it is very appreciated by the upper middle class Chinese who are very inclined to make significant purchases online conditioned by the most popular Chinese influencers who operate mainly on this platform.
7What is Tik Tok-Dou Ying?
Dou Ying is the Chinese version of the well-known video sharing social network known in the rest of the world as Tik tok. It is a tool particularly appreciated by young people who do they exchange and share short videos.
8What is Tou Tiao?
It is a news aggregator, basically a platform containing news. Its trump cards are the algorithms through which, with a machine learning process, the social network proposes news based on the tastes and interests of the user as well as a very effective system for countering fake news.