26 November 2020
26 November 2020

This article may be not very politically correct for somebody and perhaps sound a little inconvenient for others but for those who expect China as a market in which to do business real political is a necessity.

The media (all media) are in some way controlled by the Beijing government is not certainly a news.

Do you want an example? Go to any western search engine and type: "Tiananmen square".

Selecting the images you will see the famous photo of the boy who, alone, faces the tanks.

Do the same search on a Chinese engine (Baidu) and will appear tourist images of the huge square.

The famous "Firewall" that prevents Western social networks and search engines from working on Chinese servers is a further demonstration of how the regime wants to control information and pass only the "right" one, so as not to create outbreaks of protest (a venture that only partially succeeds because the activity of Chinese bloggers is not so easily harnessed ...)

But let's not delude ourselves that Chinese teenager get nervous with the desire to open a Facebook or Instagram profile, the various Wechat, TikTok etc... they already fully satisfy him and after all we know that we suffer much more for something that is rather taken away from us. that for something that is not given to us.

So beware to the contents.

Effectiveness of a marketing campaign aimed at Chinese consumers based on the ability of those who develop it to attract potential buyers, but at the same time not to create "problems" for those who control these contents. It would seem easy but, I repeat, the "Dolce and Gabbana" case set the standard, it was the classic example of how a commercial with a vaguely erotic flavor and in any case uncivil has actually sparked the ire of the governor, who have influenced social media which in turn contributed to creating a wave of popular outrage that made the advertising campaign of the two Italian designers a real boomerang in terms of image, perception and consequently turnover.


In advertising our brand we must absolutely take these essential factors into consideration and therefore rely on those who know the reality of the middle country and know how to find the right media balance.

These barriers to the Chinese web, Chinese way of thinking and politics can benefit your business, go beyond the walls and exploit it as a difficulty other companies are unable to face or understand.

Luigi Pelissero